Michael Lange
  1. HashiConf 2019 Gen Art: Infrastructure


    11 minute read (3035 words)

    Since this wasn't any generative art project, it was an installation, and it wasn't just any installation, it was for HashiConf 2019 , I…

  2. HashiConf 2019 Generative Art Installation


    2 minute read (446 words)

    Last month I had the incredible privilege of bringing an art installation to HashiConf 2019 in Seattle. This marked the second year I got…

  3. Making my Ember test suite 3x faster. A story about Mirage


    7 minute read (1908 words)

    This is the story about how I started off annoyed at my slow test performance and ended up with a new node package, monkey-patching Mirage…

  4. New Site


    2 minute read (502 words)

    This is the obligatory "I made a new site!" post. It's not gonna be very long, but I wanted to at least list the major tech pillars and why…